View onto the High Street.
In the back you can see the city hall
and the protestant church 
Eichstetten is located at the eastern rim of the Kaiserstuhl. Its altitude is between 198 and 520 meters above sea level. The highest peak is the “Eichelspitze”. Coming from Freiburg in Breisgau, it is about 15 km to Eichstetten. There are about 3500 people currently living in Eichstetten. From a total of 1231 hectares about 370 hectares are covered with vineyards.

One of the most catching sights are the many winegrowers’ courtyards with their characteristic circular arches made out of sandstone called “Schwibögen”.  The name of our wine festival which takes place every other year is derived from those remarkable arches. The next wine festival that is known for its village character takes place in September 2017.

In the recently renovated old village centre of Eichstetten is the historic city hall (first mentioned in 1424) with its stepped roof. Right next to it is the neo-gothic protestant church. The tower is 57 meters high and can be seen from far.

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